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I have a dual monitor setup, running my main screen (CTR) on 1 screen and 2 other instances of Euroscope (APP & GND) via the proxy server on the 2nd screen. In my APP screen I set an altitude filter, so that high altitude traffic is not shown as it is not relevant there. However, when I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume the track of an aircraft, it is still shown in my APP screen, despite the altitude filter. Is there a way to change this?

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Not sure if that would make sense. What do you want to use that for? As soon as you have an aircraft under control, you need to see it. Of course you might have a different screen for APP like you have in your setup, I have one too in my EDGG setup, but overflying traffic is usually no issue for the much smaller APP airspace. Yes, sometimes an overflying aircraft crosses the lateral boundaries of the APP airspace and is therefore visible on the screen, but that is usually just for a very short time.


Anyway this would have to be an option and not a general change in behaviour of the filters.

Stephan Boerner

VATEUD - ATC Training Director

EuroScope Board of Designers | GVCCS Beta Tester


EuroScope Quick Start Guide

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