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Intl. parking at KIAD

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can anyone tell me what gate I should use at KIAD when arriving in a B747 from Europe (e.g. Lufthansa)?

I've tried to find that out using Wikipedia, the official airport website, various AFCAD files, pictures from around the web, and have come to no conclusion.

Those pictures which show a DLH 747 at a gate show gate numbers that I can find on no AFCAD, satellite imagery from Google Earth show A-gates at the B-terminal, and then I read something about remote parkings for international flights and "plane mates"...


Can anyone give me a piece of advice, where such large aircraft on intercontinental connections are parked at KIAD?


Thanks a million & kind regards,



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Middle of the B concourse on the north side B35-51 usually. for most. United Heavies are on the south end of the C concourse C1-8 approximately.

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Having worked there from 2004-2010, I'll answer probably in more detail than you need, but hey...


IAD doesn't have an international terminal because of the way it handles p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]engers. Many airports isolate based on terminal, whereas IAD has a simpler way of isolating p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]engers in the existing terminals until processing at immigration. Anyone who has been to the B terminal can see a glazed walkway that exists between the exterior windows and an interior wall of windows. That walkway isolates the p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]engers until they can get to a mobile lounge that brings them either to a continuing immigrations site (IAD is a through stop), or to the main processing, if IAD is the final stop. Main processing is in the main terminal (west side of the main), and the continuing site was at one point on the underside of the C terminal (near C1/2).


That's all to say you just pull up to the existing gates with no need to reposition the aircraft later, or deal with an international terminal. Good references on gates can be found on google, or just by taking a glance at the satellite imagery of IAD on googlemaps (maps.google.com). The general rule of thumb is as follows:



United is on C/D, domestic and international

Everyone else, domestic and international is on the B terminal and those gates move so much it's not worth tracking (when I started there, SAS was mid-B, north side, then they moved to the south side, closer in, and now they're farther down, and some of those B-gates have been renamed A gates; DLH used to be on the C terminal, and is now where SAS used to be, essentially).

Kyle Rodgers


The content of this post, unless expressly written, refers only to those procedures in the United States of America,

following the Federal Aviation Administration Regulations thereof.

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