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Project First Sunrise 2006

Jewon Lee 909227

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This is Jewon Lee back with a proposal.


After the Eastern Wind 2005, the VATASIA region pretty much became cold and quiet for traffic wise. Here's another event planned.



Project First Sunrise 2006:


Basically, starting December 31st, each division will start hosting a fly-in event for one day duration.


Planned schedule as follows:


December 31st Evening: VATJPN


January 1st Evening: VATKOR


January 2nd Evening: VATROC


January 3rd Evening: HKG


January 4th Evening: Possibly Phillipines?



Such schedule will symbolize a year's first light shining on each country consequently. Also, During the event, each division will provide full-scale multi-sector ATC service for at least one airport and other divisions will fly INTO the country with as many pilots they have in order to simulate a real-time, real-scale traffic. By saying that, in order to simulate traffic flow coming from everywhere, some traffic might have to start from different countries such as Russia, mainland China, and Soutern-east Asia.


Departure points will vary depending on the country.


Estimating from the previous data we have gotten from Eastern Wind 2005, I predict that if all flights head for the service airport, each airport will have 100-200 airplanes coming in for a period of 2-3 hours.


Because of that, each ATC service facility will have to coordinate more seriously and have to adopt many methods such as holding, dividing sectors, and delaying the traffic on-ground in order to manage the traffic flow at acceptable level.


Tell me what you think. Keep in mind that this is only a vague plan that we have 30 days to talk about.




Jewon Lee



Incheon vACC

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Well, what I mean is that on 31 December and 1 January a lot of people over the world are not behind the computer to fly or do some ATC service.

Maybe it's difference in Hong Kong, Taiwan etc.. and you celebrate Lunar New Year! But here in Europe we not.


So, just think about it, a lot of people will not participate because of this reason.

VATSIM ASIA Region > http://www.vatasia.net

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