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Upcoming Africa Event

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It is official, VATSAF (South Africa), in conjunction with European divisions of VATSIM have decided to do the "Big Flight" down through Africa.

The event will be hosted in a similar style to that of "Cross the Pond". Departure points will be based in Europe and North Africa, with you making your way all the way across the great continent to 1 or 2 arrival points in South Africa.


All details of this event will be finalised closer to the time, but for now, we would like to make you all aware!

We would ask you to vote for the name of this exciting event from the 5 alternatives below:


- Roof of Africa

- Across Africa

- 'Cross Africa

- Planes of Africa

- Planes over Africa


Please let us have any other thought and idea’s

Many Thanks


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We have Across the Pond, we have Across the Ditch...now we would like to add...’Cross Africa


‘Cross Africa is aimed at being a flight departing from Heathrow, Athens, Faro and Cairo arriving at the 2 major airports in South Africa, Johannesburg and Cape Town. The departures from the most furthest airport (possibly Heathrow), is expected to start at 0500z, with the arrivals in South Africa being around 1400z, till late that evening.


This event is aimed to take place on 24 September 2011, which is also Heritage Day in South Africa where we celebrate our diverse culture.


In the same vein, we would like to include as many other divisions within VATSIM in helping us make this a memorable event and hopefully one that we can re-create. The intention is to encourage participation in providing not only aircraft in the air, but ATC coverage from Europe all the way south to South Africa.


We would like to thank all regions for their enthusiasm and commitment at this stage, and as mentioned, we feel that this event will turn out to be a hugely successful one.

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I am pretty confident that we can organize enroute coverage over North and Central Africa for the Event. Can you guys help us with an estimated time slot for NAF and CAF airspaces (first plane expected/last plane expected)?





From EGLL flights will enter Tunisia shortly 2 hours after they depart. So if we're starting at 05z then first flight would enter at 07z.


From LGAV, they enter Cairo airspace one hour after departure.

From LPFR, they enter Morocco airspace 30 minutes after departure.

Flights starting from HECA will, of course, already be within NAF.



No estimate as to last plane yet since it depends on the number of slots to be used.

Miguel Frias

Senior Instructor (I3) & Certified Pilot (P4), ZLA I-11 graduate

Portugal vACC Training Director (ACCPT2), VATEUD Operations Director (VATEUD8)



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Hi Miguel,


thank you for the info, that helps. Made now some further calculations: For the flights departing at Heathrow, we'd get different times depending whether the planes go to Johannesburg or to Cape Town and depending on the route.


These are my calculations (all times UTC):


Route London-Johannesburg:

07:10 First plane at VATNAF (Tunesia)

10:51 First plane at VATCAF (Central African Republic)

13:36 First plane at VATSAF (Zambia)


Route London-Cape Town:

06:54 First plane at VATNAF (Algeria)

10:00 First plane at VATCAF (Nigeria)

14:00 First plane at VATSAF (Namibia)


Hope that helps us and the other divisions for planning.




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Hi Gentlemen


Thank you very much for all the posts and comments that we are receiving. Please be sure to keep your eyes open as more details will be posted in the very near future of the AWESOME event.


If you have any further questions or information that could be of good use, please do not hesitate to inform us


Take care

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