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X-Plane Scenery/Specifics for S.Africa

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Hi X-Plane guys

I couldn't find a related thread, so could we use this one to share any free or payware that has south african relevant scenery or liveries or anything?

I would LOVE to have a better set of airports than the one's I currently have, and then there's also missing stuff like FAFK, and stellenbosch flying club has bossies growing all over the rwy


So share links, tips, free, pay, whatever. ill support anyone locally who makes proper stuff too, apart from one unnamed, who tends to overprice grossly, usually in the hundreds for an airport.


Hope to hear from anyone soon, Im scenery-dry!




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It has been really hard to get a chance to speak with all the replies here

So... I have been 'fs2xplane' converting a heap of south african sceneries (freeware stuff I find online)... This is however a tough job.

Most convert "fine enough" for me to feel that I am at the airport, but others have problems that I suppose will only be solved by opening the stuff up in World Editor?


Anyway, not sure if Aeroworx licenses allow that, or how it works, but I could make the converted stuff available if anyone wants it, and could tell me if Im allowed to make freeware conversions available...


At the moment I am struggling with FABW (the building is there, but no runways) and FACE (no buildings, but runways about 20 meters AGL)


I am also contemplating using my blender3d skills to create landmarks/objects but at this stage I don't understand the process of getting it into xplane.


Anyway, just my 50cents.

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