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[July 10 2300z-0400z] Cross the Gulf Eastbound 2011

Christopher Mauro

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Christopher Mauro



Cross the Gulf Eastbound 2011


Date :: July 10, 2011

Times :: 2300z - 0400z


Event Website: http://www.crossthegulf.com


The eastbound leg is finally here! Traveling from West to East, pilots will enjoy the wonderful experience. Cross the Gulf will be taking place on Sunday 10 July, 2011. There will be a booking system for this event. The controllers are ready so bring it on!


There will be 5 featured departure airports and 3 featured arrival airports (listed below). Pilots are encouraged to depart the featured departure airports and arrive at the featured arrival airports. Pilots can book their flight on the event website. The booking process will take less than 2 minutes. Pilots are also encouraged to file the preferred routes posted on the event website.


Please also note that the event times listed are the arrival times at the airport, not event times.


**** The booking system is now open. Please visit the event website to book your slot!


Featured Departure Airports

• Cancun [MMUN]

• Benito Juarez [MMMX]

• Dallas Fort Worth [KDFW]

• New Orleans [KMSY]

• Houston [KIAH]


Featured Arrival Airports

• Miami [KMIA]

• Fort Lauderdale [KFLL]

• Orlando [KMCO]




Featured Legs


- Cancun [MMUN] to Miami [KMIA]


- Cancun [MMUN] to Fort Lauderdale [KFLL]


- Cancun [MMUN] to Orlando [KMCO]


- Benito Juarez [MMMX] to Miami [KMIA]


- Benito Juarez [MMMX] to Fort Lauderdale [KFLL]


- Benito Juarez [MMMX] to Orlando [KMCO]


- Dallas Fort Worth [KDFW] to Miami [KMIA]


- Dallas Fort Worth [KDFW] to Fort Lauderdale [KFLL]


- Dallas Fort Worth [KDFW] to Orlando [KMCO]


- New Orleans [KMSY] to Fort Lauderdale [KFLL]


- New Orleans [KMSY] to Orlando [KMCO]


- Houston [KIAH] to Miami [KMIA]


- Houston [KIAH] to Fort Lauderdale [KFLL]


- Houston [KIAH] to Orlando [KMCO]

Chris Mauro

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