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Wireless headset recommends please

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Hi Kevin,


I was pondering the same thing about this time last year!


The "toy" that I came up with was the Logitech ClearChat Wireless:




I don't know what your budget was like but if it is as low as mine was then you will initially be disgusted by the price.

I have to admit that when I first viewed it on the manufacturers website I was discouraged by the price but a little bit of Google'ing led me to Amazon who was selling it for about £35, I don't know what they are currently doing for though.


Looking at the headset in particular; I am really impressed by how light and durable it is. The sound quality seems to be very good. My only criticism is that the earphones sit flat on the ear and not cuff around the outside; therefore they are not noise cancelling but this may not be a disadvantage to you. The mic boom is only left, but does move up and down to mute the mic (which is very handy!) and the earphone have a volume control. The connection is a USB dongle similar to that of a wireless mouse. It comes with a charger, (it's own batteries), and a nice little USB dock for the receiver. The battery life is a reasonable 8 - 10 hours with a very quick charge time and the option to use whilst charging - the cable is long enough!.


All in all I would give it about 4/5 but still a very worthy headset if you are looking for wireless!



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What specifically are you looking for in a headset (other than wireless)? If you're just looking for VoIP applications (ATC, Flying, TS, Vent, etc), I'd recommend either the Clear Chat (what George recommended) or the H760. I have the G330 (wired) for my VoIP apps, and the only thing I notice is the top of my ears get a bit sore after a couple hours (which might happen with the H760).


If you're looking for combination VoIP apps, and gaming, I can't recommend the Logitech G930 enough. I've had it since it's release last August, and it is a phenomenal headset, with excellent battery life. One of the advantages is that if your battery starts to die, you can charge it while using it.

-Dan Everette


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