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New Rules of dividing VATROC control sectors

Ming Lee 811204

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Ming Lee 811204

All following information will be effective from Jun. 30, 2011


Due to combination of ATC units and rearrangement of airspace, the following

rules of dividing ATC sectors will be implemented:



Taipei Approach Control

Radio callsign (all sectors): TAIPEI APPROACH

Serving airport/Online Identification/Position name/ FREQ

RCTP: RCTP_S_APP Taoyuan South 125.100(main)

RCTP_N_APP Taoyuan North 124.200

RCSS: RCTP_W_APP Songshan West 119.700(main)

RCTP_E_APP Songshan East 119.600

RCMQ: RCTP_M_APP Taichun 130.100

RCYU: RCTP_Y_APP Hualien 124.000



Kaohsiung Approach Control

Radio callsign (all sectors): KAOHSIUNG APPROACH


Serving airport/Online Identification/Position name/ FREQ

RCKH: RCKH_K_APP Kaohsiung 124.700

RCNN: controlled by Kaohsiung sector

RCQC: RCKH_Q_APP Makong 128.100

RCKU: controlled by Makong sector

RCBS: RCKH_B_APP Kinmen 124.600

RCFN: RCKH_F_APP Taitung 119.400


Taipei Area Control Center adds a new sector called Strait Sector

If it is necessary during events, the following rules will be implemented.


Radio Callsign (all sectors): TAIPEI CONTROL

Sector name/Online Identification/ FREQ


Strait and North Sector: TPE_L_CTR 125.500

North sector: TPE_N_CTR 123.600

West Sector: TPE_W_CTR 126.700

South Sector: TPE_S_CTR 129.100

East Sector: TPE_E_CTR 127.900

Control area of each sectors please refer to the following:


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