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It is with great pleasure that I announce the new Director of VATSIM Europe Division (VATEUD) Martin Bergin 931070. Martin comes with great experience in VATEUD already through his Ireland vACC director position and his presence in VATSIM since 2005.


The team who evaluated the applications (Kyprianos Biris VATEUR1, Thomas George VATEUR2, Peter Nielsen leaving VATEUD1) wish to deeply thank the other applicants for the position and it for sure was a hard choice to make.


VATSIM Europe Region (VATEUR) also wishes to thank honorable Peter Nielsen who has brought VATEUD Division with his team where it is today and to wish him all the best in his new BoG position of VP Regions VATGOV4.


Hellenic vACC | Olympic Air Virtual

Europe Region Director 2001-2011

Pilot: P5 | ATC: C3

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Congratulations Martin, I'm excited as to what you'll bring to the position and you've got some strong candidates against which to prove your worth!


It has been a pleasure to work with Peter for the last three years, he's done a lot for Europe and I've loved working with him. Being Division Director for a division of so many different countries, languages and cultures is a very tough job and in doing so you have to become lawyers, diplomats, recruitment consultants and just about everything else. Having someone who can cut through the paperwork and get to the root of the problem is very important and Peter's done this amazingly well.


Congratulations to Martin and unreserved thanks to Peter.

Thomas George

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