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My time to retire in vatsim has come !


Well, it’s been 10 years since that chat we had with Harvey Stein one evening back in July 2001. Back then VATSIM was being founded and I was asked to take upon the lead of Europe. On July 12th I accepted the offer, few days later the network went live and it’s been a hefty uphill ride since then with many good memories from vatsim happenings and people I have cooperated with.


As of today I conclude exactly 10 years of VATEUR1 service and hand off the baton to, up until yesterday, my deputy Thomas George 827476 who was just elected and appointed by BoG to continue my job and certainly was the best man to choose for this post.


I joined SATCO in 1999, a bachelor just after my postgraduate studies back then and now leave the Europe Region Director position of VATSIM, after 10 years of service, married, a father of two demanding 4 & 1 yr. old children and with a busy profession. I still manage to find time for the hobby though and you will still see me as a humble pilot flying around the vatsim skies or providing ATC for still a long time since I don't intend to leave the hobby.


To all younger (vatsim) members this is my advice: learn to offer your voluntary spare resources in this hobby. It is this that keeps this live community active and always improving in its "aviation learning and fun environment" ethos. You don't do it necessarily for the others or to get back something from it. You first do it for yourself and the joy of helping other people with the same hobby/p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ion around you, who (some of them anyway) in turn hopefully will do the same in the future.


The people we as staff members "serve" on line are the people who one day will take over the baton and continue our work. The evolution of these staff generations I have observed these 10 years as well as some excellent colleagues I've had here, are some of the things that kept me going for ten years now and I leave this position with only good thoughts in mind. I simply found the time that I had to step down before the staff "obligations" would drain me out. I leave VATSIM Europe Region in very good hands, something I was certainly looking for before taking the decision to step down.


From the dozens of people I remember, I especially want to thank the following for helping me one way or another in keeping up the good faith in this hobby and the voluntary offer of my work for 10 years on:

(With ID numerical order and apologies if I forget some!)

800005 Harvey Stein

800006 George Marinakis

800012 Richard Jenkins

800023 Roland Collins

810315 Norbert Vorstaedt

810391 Steve Chatos

810523 Pedro Sousa

810595 Fotis Dimitropoulos

810628 Terry Scanlan

810809 Andreas Fuchs

810815 Frans Mulder

810956 Chris Norman

811064 Peter Nielsen

811317 Mike Sweeney

810354 Ton Out

811373 Chris Barham

811526 Vangelis H[Mod - Happy Thoughts]iotis

811874 Martin Georg

813128 Hans Utne

813566 Michael Zazula

814931 Michael Bevington

827476 Thomas George

860311 Ilan Jonas



Thank you and Blue Skies every one



Kyprianos Biris

Athens, Greece

Europe Region Director, 7/2001-7/2011

Edited by Guest


Hellenic vACC | Olympic Air Virtual

Europe Region Director 2001-2011

Pilot: P5 | ATC: C3

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Ten years is an awesome amount of time and you have filled those ten years exceptionally well, on the odd occasions that we have spoken either by email or by voice I have found you to be friendly, forthright and open, your advice and help has always been of the higest quality and your perception during difficult time was exactly what was required. I wish to thank you for the help you have afforded me personally and the committment you showed towards VATSIM UK.


Kronya Pola



Wycliffe Barrett: C3 Controller


"if god meant for us to fly, he would have given us tickets" Mel Brooks

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Dear Kyp,


You must have been dreaming if you thought you could sneak out on us like this after giving 10 years to the community.


One of the last things I squeezed through as VATEUD1 with the team was a unanimous agreement to offer you (and you accepted) an Honorary Position for as long as you wish on the VATEUD staff team.


You are now an amb[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ador at large or if you prefer a consultant for the European Division with call sign VATEUD15 a new email has been set up for you k.biris(at)vateud.net so you are joining the crew in the same capacity as Ton Out another old and honored member who has given so much over the years and who continues giving valuable advice and hints from time to time.


Kind regards


Peter I.Nielsen

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To say that I have large shoes to fill would be a huge understatement and that's why Kyp isn't vanishing everywhere; he opted for full retirement but we didn't grant it


Kyp will continue to be a key advisor to me as where VATSIM is now is a product of 10 years of activity all of which set the context for where we are now and to some extent where we are going.


10 years is one heck of a commitment and by this point Kyp is most deserved of a break! I hope you enjoy going back to the heart of the hobby for a while and that you have more time to spend during these precious years with your family.


You've done Europe Region proud and I thank you unreservedly for all that you've done over the years. I was speaking with a few people about your time as VATEUR1 and one Founder said "Kyp's ability to manage [Europe] region is truly outstanding." I think that most would share that sentiment.


All the best file mou...

Thomas George

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The dedication and commitment you have shown to VATSIM over such a long period is simply phenomenal. You have been a great [Mod - Happy Thoughts]et to the network and a great support to me personally, and I wish you all the best in the future.


See you on the scopes!


## [email protected]
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Is it really ten years? Kyp, your legacy is a strong and vibrant region which is a credit to your efforts over that time. I'd like to add a personal thanks to you for all your help during my somewhat turbulent time as UK1 , and wish you all the best for you and your family. Blue skies!


Chris Barham

Chris Barham 811373

Support Group 2 member

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Hey Kyp,


10 years is a loooong time, I could not imagine doing the same like you. Luckily you had enough stamina to keep going until now, which gave us enough stability and a realistic view onto our situation and problems. You are always good for a mediating message to cut down our Kindergarten fights.


Thanks for supporting the European Region for such a long time, thanks for your time, nerves and money spent for us all. I'll catch up with you next time I have a slightly longer stay in Athens!


Enjoy your simple online-time, it is very relaxing. However, in a few months you might get tempted to "do something" again!! We need route-moderators for VATroute, Greece needs someone

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Heya old friend - you taught me how to understand Vatsim, how to build a region, divisions and vACCs.

Now you teach me how to retire - I understand how, but I can't promise I fully understand the When


It's always been a pleasure having you for a good advice, for help and just for fun. Seems like I'm the last of the dinosaurs in the EC, but I must admit the EC is great as ever now, and your successor seem to have just the large feet one needs to fill these shoes everyone's talking about.

I just hope you taught him the most important skill VATEUR1 need as far as I'm concerned: sending private messages in teamspeak. Otherwise, it won't be fun anymore


I can see where it's coming from - I also have 2 kids, a demanding job, other hobbies... I just turned 40 (today actually), and time can't be stopped. It's just that Middle east and Africa are more used to dictators ruling for decades (Just kidding - no offense VATAME members!).


I truly wish you all the best - I even envy you a bit. I couldn't find the time to fly or offer ATC for ages now, and I miss just doing it privately. Take care my friend, fly safe and hopefully we can finally meet for a coffee and not over teamspeak!


Cheers with my deepest appreciation,

Your friend just cross the med-sea,


Ilan Jonas

Senior Instructor-I3

Former Vatsim Africa/Middle East Region Director(2004-2012)


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Well Kyp

What else but exclusively good words for a really inspiring person like you! Thank you very much for your strong drive as well as for your dedication in the administrative levels of our hobby. It was at least impressive to watch you flying around the world, although your administrative duties, professional and social obligations-those who know you are very well aware of this- were growing really fast....Indeed an honour to have friends like you


Wishing you all the best for the "trouble-free" career that awaits you.... and hoping to see you flying on-line


Fotis Dimitropoulos

Aegean Seagull virtual Airline System




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