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7.35 khz audio files

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Hi, I´m finishing my ATIS voice pack, but I cant find a 7.35 khz audio converter. The ones I´ve found can manage wav files till 8000 hz. Any one know a good one? ... and I´m not an expert in this kind of issues, so any advice would be apreciated.



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Ok.. I´ve created the audio files with TextAloud. Then, converted them to 7333 hz 16 bit mono .wav with Goldwave.


I also create the atis.txt with the names of the files:





Run ES, selected the ATIS dialog, selected the .txt... but no matter what i do, there´s always the same message "unable to open ... voice_002.wav file".


I also tried converting the files to 8000hz.


Strange thing here is that, recording sounds with windows recorder, and then converting it with goldwave in the same way done before, everything is fine, and ES plays it.


Any ideas.?

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Where did you get the 7333 Hz value? ES accepts only 7350 Hz sample rate 16 bits signed mono PCM.


7333 It´s default value from Goldwave. Anyway... I tried first with Audicity, with bad results, and very poor audio quality. Now Goldwave seems to work better. I type custom rate to 7350 and use the batch converter, and it worked.


I had had some trouble before with the files that were created with TextAloud. There was my problem. So I´m using another TTS now.


1. I take this opportunity to ask: is there any guide or manual to customize uniatis url, to obtain exactly the information i want, and in the order I need? I read ES Guide, and any information I found in Uniatis web page, but I still can´t understand exactly the way to obtain the exactly data in the precise sequence.


2. And the last one... I promise How are used the "seetings", "format" and "customs" columns of the formats link in Uniatis page?

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