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VRC question (UDP3290)

Nick Cyra 1149288

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Hello, a simple question really. Uhm, when observing at ZDC for about two months I noticed the trouble of VRC port timing out, resulting where I cant hear other pilots and controllers after a while. My settings were al correct, the nice staff and controllers over there made sure of that, my sound settings were fine and Mic as well. I found this topic on the vatsim forums, and decided to follow the steps to open the port UDP3290, I realized once logging into the Router, that port was already opened and allowed, and I clicked Always, to make sure it never times out. After that time, i still had timing out problems. I disabled my firewall, yet still had issues with not being able to hear others on VRC after a certain time. Im wondering, if I need to do anyting else to fix this, or since everything like the firewall and UDP3290 is open and closed, if its just a observing problem now. Or anything else i need to do would be great to fix this. Thanks, no rush.



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