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'Cross Africa

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It is time for something new! It is time for something different!

We have Cross the Pond, Cross the Ditch, now we have 'Cross Africa!


This will be the first leg in the Round the World series of events celebrating VATSIM's 10th Anniversary


Join us on this exciting joint effort between VATSAF, VATEUD, VATUK, VATEG, VATNAF and VATCAF

This will be a flight from 4 different airports in Europe and North Africa to 4 destinations in Southern Africa.


Book your slot here


We will be departing from these fully staffed airports:

London Heathrow - EGLL

Faro,Portugal- LPFR

Luxor - HELX

Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos - LGAV


Arriving at:

Cape Town - FACT

Johannesbug - FAJS

King Shaka (Durban) - FALE

Windhoek (Namibia) - FYWH


This promises to be a very exciting flight with lots of ATC all the way down Africa.


Book your slot here

Jacques Malan

VATSIM Supervisor


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