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Could Not Initiate Voice Engine

Cody Dewolfe 1106436

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Hey guys,


I'm finally in the 21st century with Windows 7 and a 500gb SATA HDD. I installed VRC into the "My Docomeent" folder as recommended by my instructor. I'm now getting the error "Could Not Initiate Voice Engine" on VRC startup. I tried disabling my firewall and UPnP in my router settings.


Why am I getting this issue and how do I get rid of it?



Cody DeWolfe

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Check your audio devices, save the profile, restart it and see if you get the same error, if you do get the same error make sure your audio devices are what you set them to. That's the only thing I can think of as that's how I fixed it when it happened to me.




Rahul Parkar

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