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ZOA presents: Bay Area Rush Hour


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On Saturday, September 17th from 1700-2100 PDT (Sep 18th, 0000Z-0400Z), the Oakland ARTCC is hosting the Bay Area Rush Hour event. Fly in and out of KSFO, KOAK, or KSJC to experience what real world pilots do every day. With three airports so close together, the complexity of flying this airspace is a thrill for any pilot. Fly to nearby airports such as Reno (KRNO) or Fresno (KFAT) and back for exciting short commuter hops. Fully staffed from Clearance Delivery to Center, this rush hour type event will keep you on your toes with real world levels of ATC, aircraft and traffic!


Here are links to the airnav pages, that provide charts for the featured airports:

- San Francisco Intl Airport

- Oakland Intl Airport

- San Jose Intl Airport



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