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Hi everybody,


Since yesterday when I quickly switched positions, VRC was running extremely well. However, after I connected my ATIS I noticed there was no voice and that I couldn't transmit/receive voice over the frequency. Text worked fine. I started looking for a solution and I noticed that when I select whether HDST or SPKR in the comms panel they become unclickable and this was not the case before the issue. I've checked my audio devices, reset all the comms and try on another computer with no luck.


I would appreciate if someone could help me,

Thanks in advance,



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Can you confirm you attempted to click the RX button and then the HDST button... Which voice server were you using, LiveATC has recently changed their RW server and it could take up to 24 hours to propogate..


You could try a different server like voice.nyartcc.org or rw1.vatpac.org for example.




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