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Is there a way use FS scenery and convert to .sct?

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Look for a tool called "AF2SCT" (in russian forums). With it, you can use an AFCAD file, and convert it into .sct and .ese

It's SectEd, also being discussed at this forum. Try to find IT better.

But a stand-alone program can be found at avsimrus.com

And you should be sure that your AFCAD is GOOD enough to make a sector from it

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I tryed the AF2SCT and it came up like CMD adn said press any key to continue, then I click something and it closes. I'll try to find the SectEd. I'll try to do it with that and see if it works. thanks


Place the AF2SCT and the AFCAD file in the same directory (for example c:\af2sct). Then go to the CMD line, and type the directory path. When you are done, type in the command line: af2sct af2_ICAO.bgl 3. You will get some .sct and .ese files.... thats all...

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To use AF2SCT create a batch file "AF2.CMD" if you are using windows put in

the command AF2SCT.EXE AF2_NZWN.BGL 1 then save it. Where I have AF2_NZWN.BGL

put in the name of the BGL you want to extract the data from.


Make sure that the batch file and the bgl file are in the same folder as AFT2SCT.exe.

Run the batch file and it will create the files for VRC and Euroscope. You might come

across some bgl files that the program may hiccup on.

Ray Lang

Vatsim Senior Supervisor

Pacific Oceanic Partnership Admin

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