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Changing magnetic declination?

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There are lot of countries that, because of their lenght, have got different values of magnetic declination between north and south sectors, and sometimes this contrast affects a lot when controlling.


I know that there is only one value for magnetic declination in.sct file, but I was wondering if is there anyway to change it ..., for example, something like a batch file that allows to change it before starting ES, with a little menu with four or five different values to select, depending on the position we are going to control.


I read that something like this is someway easy and possible, but, as I'm not good in programming, I tried but without results. Someone can help with this? I think this would help a lot of community members.


Best Regards

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One way would be to create a couple of sector files which are all identical, except for the magnetic declination setting.

Save them each with a different filename, then you can simply open the one you want when you start Euroscope.

You will also have to make .ese files with matching names.


There is another way with batch files that will save a lot of duplication and disk space, but perhaps a bit complicated to go into details here.


Send me a pm and I can try to help.

Jacques Malan

VATSIM Supervisor


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