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VATSIM Weather

Edward Huerlimann

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Hello fellow simmers, yesturday i took part in a great event, Cross Africa. It was my first longhaul

journey which in my case took an amount of preparation time. I was however a bit surprised about

the winds enroute, especially in the later part of the flight. According to my research with current wind

data for the levels 300, 340, and 390 the wind should have blown from the west with more or less no

H / T wind component over the southern part of the continent. During the descend from Level 370

however the wind came from the east with a considerable amount of tailwind. I flew with the VATSIM

weather activated in FSInn. I am new to this type of flying and sure doing a mistake, so any help would

be most welcome



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Hi Edward,


VATSIM weather is only updated when there are significant changes or only every hr. So you could've been crossing sections/areas where the data was a bit outdated. Also, in FSInn, the temperature date above FL240 is incorrect, so you might be better of using another source, (in FSX, you can use real-world weather updated every 15 mts) or a 3rd party program like Active Sky (payware).



When is your next Flight||VATSIM HitSquad Member, ZOA/ZAK/GANDER/P1


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