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Do you feel also blase of flying sometimes?

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Feel also blase of flying sometimes? I say also, because sometimes I do. Now how to overcome that problem. One way is to set yourself challenges. Like make the flight as realistic as possible.

I.E Fly as per real life schedule. You have to fly within the time limit. The information on real flights can be found in VROUTE. You can either join a virtual company or fly independent. Now if you fly independent then you set some scores for yourself it can be a percentage or just points.


For instance spot on time is 100% or 100 points. Any minute more or less will be deducted.

100 points is not easy to achieve and you have to do some damn proper planning and good navigation.

The clock starts off the blocks and pushback. Engines must be down. Clock stops... when engines are stopped at dest. and on blocks.


Now here the integrity comes in.

Forgot to switch on/off your lights i.e wing lights, strobe, beacon, taxi lights, or landing lights at the appropriate times? Deduct points. Inappropriate flap settings I.E speed too high? deduct points.

Flying with landing gear down on retractable' s deduct points etc. etc. Let your imagination work and think of something to make your piloting more interesting and let's say a bit more difficult.

Make a milkshake out of the p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]engers deduct....


See how wide awake you have to be in order to achieve a perfect flight.


Hope this helped a bit to get and keep you going.


Happy landing and don't burn the brakes.


Ben Sibeijn


"Pilots do have or aim for a nose up attitude"

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