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VATSAF Seeks FIR Managers

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To ensure the successful and continued growth of the division, Vatsaf will be appointing nine Flight Information Region (FIR) Managers. As a division we are responsible for air traffic services in South Africa as well as all the neighbouring countries. These include:


- Namiba

- Botswana

- Zimbabwe

- Malawi

- Mozambique

- Madagascar

- Mauritius

- Johannesburg

- Cape Town



Report directly to the Division Director

Promote their FIR within Vatsaf and the whole Vatsim community

Arrange and co-ordinate events in their FIR

Publish newsworthy items in conjunction with the Information Manager

Submit montly reports to the Division Director



Must be 18 years of age or more and preferably possess a minimum of 12 months VATSIM membership

Must be a member in good standing within VATSAF and VATSIM

Good level of English, other African languages advantageous

Expected to be able to commit approx 4 hours per week to the tasks at hand.

A good working knowledge of the division structure

A Vision for the expansion of the division


Please submit your applications to Jacques Malan at [email protected]

All applications need to contain full name, email contact information, Vatsim ID, prefered FIR and a short motivation.


Closing date for all applications is Friday 4th November 2011 2359Z.

Jacques Malan

VATSIM Supervisor


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