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Live ARTCC Google Map.

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Or more like this or this?
Seeing as we're going on the trend now...


Like this or even this




You mean like this or this or what?


All I can say is I LMAO! I don't even want to claim him these days


Anchorage Deputy Air Traffic Manager

VATSIM Senior Supervisor (Team 1)

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nice one. One of the typical things which can happen if we don't communicate more...



If you have nice projects or ideas even without a direct solution, lets discuss it here and try to get it done for the benefit of all...



Florian Harms

VATSIM Europe Division / DCRM


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hey! nobody linked mine which works directly on google maps, i don't even know if somebody still accesses it, i woul dneed to recover the page..


Anyway.. the webmasters section has been opened to the general public for this reason too.


If you want to start a thread gathering information about maps you are welcome... sorry i don't have time to do this at this point, i'll make sure it get's stickied, so we can get a first post with a list of information and th ethread with recommendations or comments.


I'd recommend another thread for slot booking systems



Luca Benelli - C3 - P2

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