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you wont get those until you get with your facility. theyll have those for you. some facilities protect these files so you will also need to get with an instructor or mentor at the facility.


just to be sure, you want to control on VATSIM correct? VRC is a controller client.


if you havent already signed up with a region. where is it you are interested in controlling?

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i downloaded the VRC software and followed the quick start guide. When i go to settings and click the general tab it brings up the menu to choose POF and Alias under the misc tab. When I click on them there aren't any options.


Having same problem. Ross how you solved it?



Are you trying to join the network as a controller as well?

Colin Schoen

VATSIM Senior Network Supervisor

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H[Mod - Happy Thoughts]an,


I see you are registered in VATME, Middle East. You should check out their website in order to learn about VATSIM, ATC and pilots:



Information about ATC:



I suggest that you click in Contacts to communicate with the ATC Training Director (atc.training _at_ vatme.net). He will not only guide you through the process but also get you rolling for training.

Miguel Frias

Senior Instructor (I3) & Certified Pilot (P4), ZLA I-11 graduate

Portugal vACC Training Director (ACCPT2), VATEUD Operations Director (VATEUD8)



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All of these files can be obtained from the division/subdivision(vACC, etc.) that manages the airspace you are controlling.


Often there will be no alias file, in which case you can ignore it or make your own. This is used for creating shortcuts for sending text messages to pilots. Since most people are on text these days, an alias file is not essential.


The pof file should be available, but in some instances it is not. This is also non-essential in VRC. The purpose of this file was to support legacy clients and VRC uses a subset of the features.

David Zhong

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