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Info about new services?

Ivan Kovacevic 920456

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It's been mentioned a few times that new CERT (and other global web services) are are being developed, and some of the deadlines mentioned are approaching. While it's obvious the deadlines only exist to be breached ( ), I'm hoping at least some of the plans have already been made about the structure and layout of those services.


Now, instead of all of us (webmasters) waiting for the new global services to be released only THEN to start developing local (division-level or vacc-level) services that depend on global ones, wouldn't it be more productive to publish specification ahead of time (in abstract, at least) so we could start at least making plans for the future development.

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I agree. I need to work on my Division as well , we are currently developing an examination center very similar to Eurotest and I want to know how the new CERT will work so I can manage the login process which will force users to use their VATSIM login instead of creating logins that they will forget lol



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Will the new CERT allow access to the authentication services at the ARTCC/FIR level? Would make things much easier than trying to create forgettable logins like Abdelrahman said.


That's always been available through autotools and MAPS. You need to consult VP Membership for the docomeent which gives details on how to do this.

Luke Cunningham

Senior Controller

VATSIM United Kingdom

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Not unless something changed... (Someone tell me it has, it would make my life so much easier)


AutoTools is only available to Divisions and Regions.


From the AutoTools FAQ that is stickied at the top of this thread.


Q: Who can use Auto-Tools?

A: Auto-Tools access is available to Staff of Regions or Divisions. Access is not permitted for FIR/ARTCC/vACC or Virtual Airlines.




Rahul Parkar

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