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Simulated traffic has gone missing - Solved

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The traffic I am referring to is the display that shows the aircraft outside of your visibility range, or when not connected to the network.


The feed is providing at the moment "674 pilots and 125 controllers". I would guess my feed is ok. "Show simulated traffic" is checked in the OTHER SET menu.


I have been messing around with symbology for VORs.


So those are the facts


Now, instead of blowing away my settings files, and having to start from scratch, I figured I would ask here first. I know my way around EuroScope if that helps.


So, what have I done?




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Other SET

- General Settings

- Professional Mode

- Correlation Mode


This option was set to "C-mode", as opposed to "Easy VATSIM". I don't understand why this affects the simulated traffic. Back to the WIKI to do some more reading, but why the difference?


Also, doesn't this defeat the purpose of showing simulated traffic on the scope that is outside your visibility range? Will your lists still populate otherwise?


What am I missing?


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