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Michael Smith

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Hey guys and girls,


I'm looking at getting a laptop for Christmas. I found a Toshiba on Amazon for $649 can someone tell me if it can handle FSX and PMDG software?


Product Features


Intel Core i5-2430M Processor 2.4 GHz (3.0 GHz with Turbo Boost Technology), 3MB L3 Cache

Configured with 6GB DDR3 1333MHz (max 8GB)

640GB (5400 RPM) Serial ATA hard disk drive with TOSHIBA Hard Drive Impact Sensor (3D sensor)

14.0" diagonal widescreen TruBrite TFT display at 1366 x 768 native resolution (HD) with 16:9 Aspect Ratio and LED Backlit, Webcam and microphone built into LCD bezel

Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit with a 6 cell/66Wh Lithium Ion battery pack; Battery Life (measured by MobileMark 2007): 10 hours; 6 minutes


Processor, Memory, and Motherboard


Hardware Platform: PC

Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5

Number of Processors: 1


Max RAM: 8 GB


Hard Drive


Size: 640 GB

Manufacturer: SATA

Speed: 5400 rpm


Graphics and Display


Graphics Card: HD Graphics

Interface: Integrated

LCD Native Resolution: 1336 x 768


Ports and Connectivity


USB 2.0 Ports: 2

VGA Video Out Ports: 1


Cases and Expandability


Size (LWH): 9.4 inches, 13.4 inches, 1.08 inches

Weight: 4.19 pounds




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if you are looking for a laptop specifically for gaming, thats what you need to look for, something designed for gaming. not for work, not for school, nothing like that, has to be for gaming. anything other then that and youll probably be hard pressed on performance, especially with FSX.


fortunately not many stores sell laptops that are for gamers, none around me anyway, so can pretty much bet if its sold at store, its not for gaming. you'll want to buy online for that.


also remember with laptops, not much you can upgrade later other then RAM, hard drive, and one or two other things usually. wont be able to change your graphics for example. so its very important you get something good the first time around

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Hi, Mike,


I bought a Toshiba Qosmio X775-Q7272 in mid-October. It comes with an Invidia graphics card. It is certainly far better for FS9 than my previous laptop, which was a 1.4GB processor, dual core, memory increased to 4GB (a 5 year old Toshiba laptop). On the Qosmio it runs comfortably with scenery sliders in mid- to hi-range (depending on how framerate friendly the airport scenery is and how crowded the event is). I've flown my PSS panel/POSKY model merge 777s in several events with mostly very good results. No more using reduced texture versions either. With the older one I ran my scenery density slider in the middle and everything else to the far left (i.e. at zero). I was constantly having to worry about stopping other active processes (via Task Manager) with minimal improvements in FS9 performance.


FS X appears to run fine on the Qosmio, but I haven't used it nearly as much and never on Vatsim. FS X would not run at all on my previous computer.


This Qosmio model runs around $1250-1350. I would NOT buy it from Toshiba as their customer service has been unable correct the dates on the factory warranty despite numerous phone calls and e-mails over a two month period. It and similar models are readily available at Amazon and elsewhere.


There are other Qosmio models, some with some sort of "3D" capability. I don't know whether this 3D capability would be of any use in Flight Sim. Does anybody have any experience with this?


Qosmio X775-Q7272 specs:

Intel® Core™ i7-2630QM Processor

o 2.0 GHz (2.9 GHz with Turbo Boost Technology), 6MB L3 Cache

Mobile Intel® HM65 Express Chipset

NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 560M with NVIDIA® Optimus™ Technology

featuring 1.5GB of GDDR5 discrete graphics memory

o NVIDIA® Optimus™ technology automatically switches graphics

o Total Available Graphics Memory = 4095MB


William Wright

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May be a little bit late, but the best bang for the buck with laptop/performance is the Asus G series laptops. Im currently selling mine so I can get an Asus Tablet.




Something like this with all of the tweaks for FSX out right now, it will run fine. It runs FS9 great. Keep in mind that is only one variation of the G series. There are many of them. Just don't buy the one from bestbuy unless you want to get ripped off.

VATSIM Supervisor

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