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Vacancy - Division Director - VATRUS

Thomas George 827476

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Thomas George 827476

VATSIM Europe Region Announces the vacancy for Russian Division Director Position (VATRUS1).


Applications should be sent to the Region Director for Europe: Thomas George [email protected]



The application should include an on VATSIM and off VATSIM CV and member's VATSIM ID number, name, email etc.


Applicants should at least:

a) have some past experience in dealings with Division staff duties and/or VACC staff duties from the Russian Division

b) hold at least a C1 ATC rating (CTR Controller)

c) be a member in good standing of VATRUS division with a clean VATSIM record


Applicants must be capable of committing significant free time into this position, 2 to 3 hours a day is not uncommon. Interested persons need to be able to communicate and set clear visions and targets and see these implemented and followed up throughout the division.


The role reports to the Region Director for Europe and is accountable for the sustainable growth of the division, achieved through retention of members (new and existing), training, development and progression of both pilots and controllers as well as maintaining an active community base through communications, marketing and events. Divisional policy should be maintained and reviewed to facilitate this.


This is a high profile position and ideally we are looking for long term commitment 2 to 3 years as a minimum.


Closing Date: Sunday 12th February 2012 1700Z

Thomas George

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