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SERVinfo and Widows 8

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I don't have Win8, so can't answer your question.


I'll just mention, though, that XP is listed as the most current on the Servinfo page because Servinfo development stopped years ago, when XP was still the most current PC OS out there. It works fine on Win7. It's a very simple program, so I'd think Win8 could handle it just fine, but I've heard horror stories of others trying and failing to run simple programs on Win8.... Many, if not most, of us are refusing to move to Win8, at least yet, due to all of the reported issues. Good luck! I'm sure you'll get an experience-based answer soon.

Don Desfosse
Vice President, Membership

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I received my new Windows 8 computer, and Win 8 is light years different than XP that I had . I am now in the process of setting things up on the new machine ie mail, folders, programs etc


Now back to ServInfo. I go it it running on the new Win 8 machine. This is how I did it. On my old machine I located where the Servinfo files are located. Mine were located in C/temp3. Why there I do not know. I do not recall how I downloaded ServInfo several years ago , and what made me to place the file there. So it is up to you to locate the file on your machine


I then made a copy of the file and copied it to CD. You can use Flash or whatever means you copy info to. Once copied to the CD I the copied to the file to C: on my Win 8 machine Now then to launch ServInfo you have to go to the shortcut icon in the folder ((temp3)) and pin this icon to the task bar. Now restart your computer and you have ServInfo I did not try downloading ServInfo from the Web site because I figured I would give this method a try, and it worked for me Once again temp3 is my doing and not the download program of ServInfo


I recommend you get used to Win8 before you try too much stuff. There are a lot of tutorials on Google dealing with Win 8 and I got a good feel of how to navigate thru Win 8 before I got the new machine. You need the machine though after a certain point, because you want to get "hands on" and navigate thru Win 8


Take your time and good luck to you if you get a new Win 8 machine

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