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New FIR Chiefs for Both Coasts

Colin Bennett 1000178

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It is with great pleasure that I announce the appointment of two new FIR Chiefs at VATCAN.

Congratulations to Matt Sander, CZVR FIR Chief and Greg McCormick, CZQM FIR Chief.

Both Greg and Matt have a fresh and clear vision for the growth of their respective Regions,

and each has demonstrated a remarkable personal work ethic and leadership style

which will carry the Vancouver FIR and the Moncton FIR into a revitalized and productive future.

In advance, I thank everyone at VATCAN, and particularly the members of the CZVR and CZQM FIRs for your cooperation and support;

with Matt and Greg's leadership, and your support, I am sure that great things will happen in our FIRs on each coast.


Colin Bennett, VATCAN1


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