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Question about the vRoute Upgrade

Randy Tyndall 1087023

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I have a quick question about the vRoute Upgrade I received a message about when I logged in to my vRoute Premium account today.


I saw in the vRoute Support Forums that the new version installs separately from any existing version making uninstall of the old version unnecessary. This makes me think the new version must be purchased, even if you are already a Premium Subscriber.


Neither the message I received, the support forums, or the product info page answers this question.



Randy Tyndall - KBOI

ZLA I-11/vACC Portugal P4

“A ship is always safe in the harbor. But that’s not why they build ships” --Michael Bevington ID 814931, Former VATSIM Board of Governors Vice President of Pilot Training


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the new client version is a maintenance upgrade (bug fix). Since you are a premium customer already, the upgrade is free for you. Just make sure you enter the same email address as you had in old copy, so that your account would be recognized.




vroute.net founder

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