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Xplane 10?

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Hi Tanner, and welcome to VATSIM.


While I don't personally use X-Plane, there are many that do. The VATSIM network itself isn't strictly bound to a single flight simulator product (like X-Plane). Instead, separate pilot client software makes the connection between your flight simulator of choice and VATSIM.


For X-Plane, the (currently) only choice you have is XSquawkBox . There's a forum on this board called XSquawkbox Help dedicated to helping members that use this client. While the FAQ on the XSquawkBox website does not list it, it would appear that many X-Plane 10 users have used XSquawkBox successfully.

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Just one proviso....


The XSquawkBox pilot client that permits pilots to connect to the VATSIM network currently only works with 32-bit X-Plane 10, so you won't be able to use the latest 64-bit version (and aircraft models that only operate in 64 bit mode).


There is currently no release date for an updated version of the XSquawkBox client.


Best wishes,



John Wiesenfeld

ZNY - C1

FAA IFR/SEL in a galaxy long ago and far away

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