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Sweatbox Statistics

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Hello everyone!


As an Instructor in Brazilian Division, I have come to notice across time that there is big difference in terms of ATC service quality when an aspiring or student vATC participates in more SweatBox training sessions.


We of course know the benefits from it and the unlimited scenario possibilities for training, so why wound't this dedication be aknowledged by counting their training time in SweatBox?


I know that a user may connect to the server and stay there as much as they want and we can't be sure if they really were in training sessions, but isn't there a way to maybe provide an INS rated user the possibility to validate those hours somehow? It would be very important to know that in order to have one more registry regarding training and interest in learning.


Just an idea...



Marcos Pereira

Divisional Director


Vatsim Brasil VATBRZ



Want to learn about flying in Brazil? http://www.vatsim.com.br/openbrz

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The only time sweatbox is useful, or even possible, is when an INS is operating the aircraft. With that said, it would be pretty simple to have the INS keep log of the training. I am not quite sure how this would be useful in the statistics center.

Colin Schoen

VATSIM Senior Network Supervisor

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