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[23.11.13 | 1700z-2300z] Frankfurt (EDDF) Overload - 2013

Cedric Lichtenberg 962468

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Cedric Lichtenberg 962468



You want to find out your limits as pilot and those of the controllers? Your last holding due to an overcrowded approach-airspce was a long time ago? Close seperation, paralell-approaches and landing-clearences in the last seconds before touchdown make your flight perfect?


Then you should visit Frankfurt-Airport on 23 November 2013, when the biggest event of the year take place there: Frankfurt-Overload 2013!


Fly to YOUR favourite destination with YOUR aircraft, choose YOUR time of flight and stretch Frankfurt, Germanys busiest airport, to its limit. There are NO slots, NO flight schedule and NO aircraft constraint.


We will make sure this works for you! Experience the action from the apron up to the thinnest layers of airspace because TRAFFIC, TRAFFIC, TRAFFIC is what Frankfurt Overload is known for!

Several controllers, dozens stations and 6 hours finest air traffic control are awaiting you!




The airport-layout and approach-procedures changed significantly in the last years! Therefore, by all means, read the following information, please.


In June 2011, runway 25R/07L of the default-scenery has been renamed to 25C/07C and the new northwestern-runway opened, which is now the new 25R/07L. Please make sure, that you have installed an actual scenery with the new runway and report that to the controllers as early as possible during approach. Aircraft-types A380, B747, MD11 and A124 are not allowed to land on the new runway. Furthermore the taxiway-designators changed and are also only available with an actual scenery.


Pilotbriefing: http://nav.vatsim-germany.org/files/edgg/charts/eddf/public/EDDF_Pilot_Briefing.pdf

Charts and information to actual sceneries: http://www.vacc-sag.org/airport/EDDF


Additional to the published frequencies, further station will be online. Please take care, to which frequency you are send.


The controllers of Regional-Grup Frankfurt look forward to your visit!

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