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vACC Slovenia looking for personell

Philipp Edlich

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The newest vACC within Europe Division is searching for staff members.


Primary we are looking for: ATC Training Director (ACCSLO2)


Duties of ATC Training Director:

  • Organization and Conduction of Training for vACC Slovenia members
  • Definition of Standard Procedures for ATC-Services within Ljubljana FIR


Requirements of the position of ATC Training Director:


  • Holding a VATSIM Rating of C1 or higher
  • Successful completion of VATEUD INS-course or willingness to do so
  • Be a VATSIM member of good standing


In Addition we are accepting applications for:


  • Webmaster (ACCSLO6)
  • Operations Manager (ACCSLO8)


Duties of Webmaster:


  • Maintain vACC-Slovenia Homepage & Forum
  • [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist other Departments in technical matters


Duties of Operations Manager:


  • Maintain Ljubljana FIR SCT- & ESE-File
  • Arrange Letter of Agreements with adjacent vACC's


If you are interested in one of these positions, please send an application to [email protected]




Philipp Edlich

vACC Slovenia Director

| Enroute Controller |


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