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Position Vacant - Deputy Air Traffic Manager, Kingston FIR

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The Kingston FIR is now accepting applications for the vacant Deputy Air Traffic Manager position, below you can find all the necessary information - application deadline is 20th December, 2013.


Job: Deputy Air Traffic Manager

Grade: Senior Staff Position

Department: Management

Hours: Hours As Necessary

Location: Kingston, Jamaica

Closing date: 20-DEC-2013



Job Purpose

Filling in for the ATM when he's off duty; Managing the various departments of Kingston FIR and filling in for vacant staff positions. Providiong guidance to Department Heads and supervising their performance; Ensuring high quality of ATC service is provided by existing Controllers and that they continuously perform above set standards, disciplining controllers when required; To [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist in hiring new staff; Compliant with regulatory MKJK, VATSIM and VATCAR requirements; Develops projects for the improvement of the FIR reflecting industry best practice; The position reports to ATM.



Job Outline

To compile monthly reports on FIR activity.

To attend monthly VATCAR meetings via TeamSpeak and represent the interests of the FIR.

In liaison with Department Heads, guide, encourage and supervise the development of each department.

To develop programs for the FIR to improve training, events and IT capability.

To update FIR Roster, welcome new members, check on student progress and congratulate on upgrades.

To reply to "New Controller Application for MKJK" emails in a timely manner, and guiding new joiners in the initial indoctrination and setup.

To participate actively on the forums and in the Kingston FIR Facebook Group.

To [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist with instructing, conducting OTS and other training duties. To undergo INS training if not rated.

Monitoring VATSIM trends in FIR management and promoting proposed changes to management, to keep Kingston FIR standards in line with, or better than, industry best practice.

Using all sources of information, identify, develop and promote improvements to the Kingston FIR.

To maintain continuous staff awareness in ATC matters, by providing controllers with appropriate, original ATC awareness material: e.g. videos, advice, tips and newsletters.

To be contactable via phone, email, IM at least 5 days a week unless on previously arranged vacation.

To build alliences with VAs, other FIRs, and other VATSIM staff for the benefit of the FIR.

To maintain an online presence above minimum required.


Critical Competencies

Attention to Detail and Quality


Organising for Results

Interpersonal Ability


Problem Solving and Decision Making

Strategic Thinking


Qualifications & Experience

Must resign from previous FIR and transfer to Kingston FIR for minimum a period of 1 year (if external)

Must commit to serve in the position for minimum a period of 1 year (both external and internal)

Must hold a C1 Rating or higher with minimum 1 year experience on VATSIM network.

Preference will be given to applicants who hold, or have held a staff position elsewhere with positive references.

Preference will be given to applicants with Real World experience as ATC Instructors, Flight Instructors, Air Traffic Controllers and Pilots.

Willing to acquire a comprehensive understanding of current Kingston FIR Training Programme, Manuals, Procedures and Policies.

A comprehensive understanding of VATSIM and VATCAR policies and procedures.

Excellent ability in technical report writing, in English

Basic computer literacy

No previous disciplinary history anywhere on the VATSIM network

Must have adequate free time available to perform above duties


Expression of Interest

All persons interested in the Deputy Air Traffic Manager position should apply at: http://www.kingston.vatcar.org/cms/index.php?option=com_rsform&Itemid=117.

Andrew McBean, I1

Air Traffic Manager


Kingston FIR | VATCAR


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