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Hi guys,


I ran into a weird bug while using EuroScope. Somehow the tags are displayed at the wrong position.




If you look at the screenshot above the red square show that tags are missed place. The top left one should be near 'SUGOL', the right one near 'ARTIP' and the bottom left one should be near 'RIVER'. Somehow it looks like the tags are center around the wrong center point (red circle).


My first thought was that this specific sector file (EHAM APP) was incorrect but when loading the other sector files of my VACC the same thing happens.


Here's the Amsterdam sector file with a 18R training scenario:



This is the Amsterdam sector file with a ground training scenario (all the tags are displayed at one point).



This is our Schiphol tower sector file with a tower training scenario (again all tags are displayed at one point).



I do have separate profile for each sector. I tried a couple of things to try to fix this problem but that didn't work.


  • - Deleted EuroScope completely.
    - Clean install of EuroScope + sector files.
    - Run EuroScope as administrator.
    - Tried different file locations.


The weird thing is that same thing happens on my laptop. I suspect that there's something wrong with the sector files, I'm doing something wrong or this is a bug of EuroScope. I can't get it fixed.


Thanks for all the help!

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Daan Broekhuizen


ACCNL4 | Training Director Dutch VACC | Contact me!



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