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vSTARS NavData Update - Updated With Every Airac - US ONLY

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These files are available for download, with instructions, here:




BUT, before you download it, note that this file only covers the US (or any airspace that the FAA maintains in their databases) as that is the only data that I have access to. So if you are outside the US (or its territories), downloading these files will be a step backward rather than a step forward.


These files are updated with every airac.


As with anything in life, be sure to back up the original files. If you have a problem with these files, they may render your install useless without the original Airports and Waypoints .xml files. And due to the unknown implications of doing so, I don't feel comfortable posting the originals up on my site (because they aren't mine to share).



MTN1474 / Mountain Air VP of Administration / Commercial Captain

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As an Aside. Navigraph is installing the vSTARS navdata updates into the wrong folder on the beta. You have to go in and extract the data and put it back in the right place.

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