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[VACANCY]Japan Division Director (VATJPN1)

Alfred Tang

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Dear all,


VATASIA regional office is soliciting applications for the position of Division Director of VATJPN Division (VATJPN1).


All applications should be sent to Alfred Tang via email: a.tang (at) vatsim (dot) net



a. The application should include an CV in English detailing all related experience (focus should be on VATSIM), member's VATSIM CID, name, email etc along with a small note on why you should be selected for the position sought

b. Be a active member in good standing with a clean VATSIM record. A CERT record check will be conducted.

c. Applications from members of other divisions of VATSIM are also welcome, but the applicant must be willing to transfer to the VATJPN division.

d. Applicants should include at least one VATSIM reference in your application. The reference should preferably be a staff member or a former staff member on VATSIM.





• Must hold an S1 rating or above (C1 or above is much preferred). Previous management experience on VATSIM or management experience in real word is preferred

• Must have excellent communication skills and strong leadership skills.

• The applicant must be proficient in spoken and written Japanese. The applicant must also be familiar with Japanese culture and the dynamics of the local flight simulation community in Japan.

• Have a sense of urgency and responsibility, be a go-getter and be willing to commit to the position for at least a year




• Reports to Asia Regional Director (VATASIA1) regularly on the operational status of the VATJPN division and collaborate actively with regional staff and division staff across the region

• Oversees the operation, training, publicity and membership growth of the division

• Regularly coordinate with neighboring divisions on Letter-of-Agreement (LOA) and inter-divisional events

• Appoints division staff members and work with them actively as a leader

• Attend regular and special regional meetings on VATSIM and submit quarterly reports to VATASIA1

• Maintains a regular online presence on the VATSIM Network


Those wishing to apply may please send your application no later than 2359z on 10th January 2014. Please note, any application received after the time given may not be considered. Shortlisted candidates may be interviewed on Teamspeak.


Due to a large number of applications, we may only contact shortlisted candidates.


Should you have any questions, feel free to send an email to a.tang (at) vatsim (dot) net







立候補したい方はVATASIA1のAlfred Tan宛にメールで届け出なくてはいけません。

メールアドレス: a.tang (at) vatsim (dot) net



a. 立候補者する方は、VATSIMのID、名前、メールアドレス等も記載された履歴書/経歴書を英語で提出してください。


b. 活発なメンバーでVATSIMから懲罰を受けたことが無いこと(履歴がチェックされます)

c. VATJPN以外からの立候補者も当然歓迎します。しかし日本支部への転籍を受入れなくてはなりません。

d. 候補者はスタッフメンバーであるか以前スタッフだった経験を持つことが望ましい。

























a.tang (at) vatsim (dot) net


Alfred Tang (934809,ADM)

Regional Director (VATASIA1), VATSIM Asia Region



Alfred Tang (934809)


Director | Hong Kong VACC


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