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Xplane and FSINN

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Hello folks! I'm new to the Xplane community and now interested in connecting Xplane version 10 to VatSim. Beginning to read some about it and it appears there is no FSINN connection for Xplane...am I right? If so, then I understand I'll need Xsqkbox or something of the sort. What about FSUIPC (is there an Xplane version). I'm FSX experienced with FSINN and VatSim, but xplane is like starting over. LoL Perhaps there is a step-by-step instruction for setting up and connecting Xplane with VatSim I just haven't discovered. So, if someone has time to help me get on track for setting things up, it'll be much appreciated.



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At the moment, the 64-bit version of xSquawkBox is it. You have to remember, as you mention FSINN, remember those first two letters imply Microsoft Flight Simulator. With some of the new clients that are coming out, this may change. The major difference with X-Plane is the client is much more tied into the aircraft itself. So for example, to set the transponder, you set the transponder in the plane...not on a separate control panel.


Honestly, you install the package like you would any other Plugin in X-Plane. Most of the context menus are rather easy to understand. As I said, just remember that you control the plugin more from the plane itself than anyplace else (although text commands do exist). So to set COM1, set it in the plane. To squawk ID, hit the button in the plane, etc.


There might be a step-by-step manual somewhere...


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