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VATEUR4 - Director of Strategic Development

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It’s a great pleasure for me to welcome Callum McLoughlin in his new role as VATEUR4 Director of Strategic Development and VA Relations. Callum has been the VA Relations Manager of VATSIM and Training Director, Pilots of VATSIM UK Division.


The duties of the Strategic Development Manager in brief are the following:


a. Responsibility for the formation and ensuring the execution of longer term regional/divisional plans that improve internal efficiencies to facilitate growth.

b. Leadership and oversight of ATC and Pilot Training (ATO) development and continuity within the Europe Region and its Divisions and local facilities.

c. Promoting and developing team based cross-divisional training and marketing working groups.

d. Developing and then implementing an overall European marketing strategy in conjunction with divisional and local marketing staff.

e. Leveraging and promoting greater online activity at capital airports in the Region, both involving pilots and ATC.

f. Securing meaningful virtual airline partnerships with both the Region and its Divisions and local facilities.


Please join me in congratulating Callum on his new position. Welcome on board!

Apostolos Damkalis

VATSIM Supervisor Team Leader

Regional Conflict Resolution Panel Chairman,Europe


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