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Using Euroscope and FSX tower view - separate computers.

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I have a question regarding FSX tower view and euroscope. I would like to connect Euroscope with the tower view in fsx but on separate computers. I already know how to set it up on one computer and it is all running perfect but for some technical reasons I would like to try to connect the two on separate computers (if this is even possible).


I understand that when connecting ES and FSX TWR on one computer in the server settings to have the ''localhost'' server name.


But what to do when trying to connect separately?


Thanks in advance,

Greetings from Slovenia




P.S. If the similar topic has already been published I apologize for that but among hundreds of topics posted here I couldn't go through them all.

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I have just figured it out. So I will post the solution if somebody needs it in the future


If you don't know how to connect at all here are some great tutorials (there are 2 discussed but I like the second one better ) - http://community.vatsim-uk.co.uk/topic/18149-tutorial-how-to-set-up-tower-view-with-euroscope/) -


then, if running fsx tower view and Euroscope on the same computer in the server bracket enter localhost just as it says in tutorial above. But if you are connecting the two on separate computers then on the computer where you are running FSX tower view just go to the settings for tower view in FSinn (described in tutorial) and in the ''server'' bracket replace localhost with the IP address of the computer where you are running Euroscope. (And if you don't know how to find the IP - go to Start menu on the computer you run ES-in search type CMD-in cmd type -> ipconfig. And the Local IP address should be above the subnet mask info...)


This worked in my case.


Thanks anyway,


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