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incorrect Weather and air pressure

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The last few times I fly on vatsim using x-plane 9, I can receive the correct meters using the .metars commands or using the update weather command in the plugin menu


But the weather I get is very often 1013mb air pressure and a temperature of 0c.


Like today I flew VHHH-ZUUU-VHHH, the plugin updates the weather with 1013mb and a temperature of 0c, and of course does not match with the Metar of the 2 airports. Any other experience the same problem?

VATSIM ASIA Region > http://www.vatasia.net

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Hi. This is a known issue with XSquawkbox already for a long time. Appearently, when a received Metar contains certain stuff, like NCD, NSC or a bunch of slashes like // /////, it sets QNH to 29,92/1013 and the surface temp to zero Centrigrade.

Set debug weather = 1 so you can see what the Metar contains. There will be a line with Q or the QNH value (in mb or hectopascal) and another one with A (in inches) which will be the alt setting. If these differ, you've got the problem and A will very likely be set to 29,92.

You can then enter the weather menu of XPlane and set the pressure to what it should be, at least till the next Metar is fetched you will be OK. Especially when local QNH is way off the standard value, you could end up 1000 ft too high or too low, since your a/c will adjust to the new A setting.

FWIW, Wade has been informed about this quite some time ago. Sofar, nothing has been done about it

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Something else to also consider. There is a great plugin for X-Plane that corrects upper level winds to match those closer to reality, including pressure. It is also VATSIM compatible. I'd recommend checking it out, as it helped me with issues relating to this on more than one occasion.


See: http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=15453 for the [XPGFS] NOAA GFS Weather: Real Upper winds and turbulence plugin.


Deputy Air Traffic Manager

Miami vARTCC - United States Division (I1)


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Not completely. I admit it's great for correct wind values over a certain level, whereas Vatsim doesn't provide correct wind stuff once over the Pond. But it certainly does NOT provide you with correct QNH values, whether or not Vatsim screws you when Metars contain those mentioned values. Unless I missed something, but I'm using this plugin for quite some time now and it never provided me with correct QNH settings when XSB screwed me...


As you can see, no pressure

Remember, to use this plugin, you also need Python!

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