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[07 -23 FEB 2014 1900-2100z] WinterHopping to Sochi - LROP

Daniel Haineala

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[07 -23 FEB 2014 1900-2100z] WinterHopping to Sochi - Refuel at LROP



Its Winter Olympics again and a lot of tourists and fans are eager to fly to Sochi - Russian federation to support there national teams and athlets. So why dont you make a special offer to them, book all the tickets and fly them with your favorit airliner so they could participate to that special event. In this case Captain, if you are flying eastbound you are invited to stop for refueling to Bucharest - Otopeni International Airport (LROP) and then continue your flight to Sochi (URSS). Every day between 7 February and 23 February 2014 you will be expected at LROP with full ATC since 19z till 21z.


For charts, scenery and more informations:

Romanian links: http://www.airdanubius.eu http://www.rovacc.org

Russian links: http://www.vatrus.info

X-Plane sceneries: http://forum.airdanubius.eu/index.php?topic=72.0

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