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New to Vatsim, so far love it and tuned into my first live ATC channel through my cockpit.

HOWEVER, how do I go about finding the list for ATC's when theres not a controller in my region? Currently trying to get clearance from ground at KATL, got in touch with JAX ATC and he told me to dial into uni something because im out of his region. I didnt want to call back and ask again so I came here. any help?

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Hi Austin,


In our virtual world we have a thing called Unicom 122.800 for when there is no Controller on for the airspace we are in. So having something like VATspy or ServInfo, can be handy to get an idea of what controllers are controlling geographically. I say get an idea, because there are numerous factors why they may be controlling a variation of what these programs are displaying.


If you are not in Airspace that has a controller online, then it is a requirement that all pilots monitor 122.800.


What does this mean? As long as you have a radio tuned to 122.800, you are ok. No-one will give you clearance or guidance on this frequency. If there is no controller, and you are on 122.800, then it is up to the pilots to coordinate themselves safely .


In our virtual world no-one dies. So don't get too upset or concerned about other traffic.


As to what, if anything, you should text on that frequency I will leave to others.


Enjoy flying online.


C1/O P3


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