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Vatsim UK Website Issue

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You may have noticed that the Vatsim-UK website is currently down.


I have been informed by one of our web team that the problem is with the host of the website and that there is little that can be done until the host can rectify the problem.


The UK Web team are hoping to be able to get access by tomorrow, so hopefully this is a temporary problem that will be resolved quickly.


Thank you for your patience.



Andy McCall

South-East RTS Manager



Andy McCall


South East RTS, UK

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We are still awaiting further update from the host to resolve the issue. Any updates will be posted here and through our twitter feed.


Gatwick has mentoring starting at 18:30z, there are two mentoring sessions on Director back to back, VRoute seems to have got slightly confused and moved one forward.



Kris Thomson C1

CTP Planning Team member

VATSIM UK Live! Organiser

Follow VATSIM UK Live! on Twitter



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