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Visibility of Other Aircraft with XSquawkbox

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I was getting confused. I could not see other aircraft during daylight although I could see their navigation/strobes at night. I also found that I could see their shadows. It turns out that you can not use a shadow details above a certain level.


With shadows set above "3D on aircraft" I can only see the shadows of other aircraft (in X-Plane 10.25r1, rendering options/ shadow detail). I am using XSquawkbox 1.2 with VATSIM UK on my new Apple Mac Pro (2013).


Image of other aircraft's shadow but no plane. (Shadow Detail set above 3D on aircraft. See http://www.awgphoto.co.uk/XPlaneImages/a320neo_7.jpg


Image of other aircraft visible (shadow detail set to 3D on aircraft). Note missing shadows from other aircraft and buildings. See http://www.awgphoto.co.uk/XPlaneImages/a320neo_8.jpg


This is an important consideration when flying with VATSIM.

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Xsquawkbox is made up of several components. This issue was resolved in one of the lower level components, along with the addition of several other visual capabilities for the next generation of CSL aircraft. However, for this fix to come into play, a new version of XSB would have to be built. They are two separate projects, that's why the release of one doesn't automatically mean the other one is instantly rebuilt and re-released.

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