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Just thought I would share this information with our VAs here on VATSIM. Might be a good opportunity for some folks but the deadline is coming up soon.


Sky Blue Radio will be celebrating “VA Days 2014” the third weekend in February on the 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th.


That weekend Virtual Airlines will have the opportunity to promote and advertise their organization at no cost on Sky Blue Radio and have the opportunity to win one year of free advertising if selected as the Sky Blue Radio “Virtual Airline of the Year”! The total value of the advertising for the VA Days Virtual Airline of the Year exceeds $4,000!


Each Virtual Airline who enters before the deadline will be allotted a 30 second audio spot to air all weekend on Sky Blue Radio during the promotion. We will also include banner placement for your VA on our website. Submit your entries now! Space is limited! Entry period is open now!


Then on March 1, 2014, Sky Blue Radio will select and award the “Sky Blue Radio Virtual Airline of the Year”!


Airlines must submit their entries no later than February 18th 2014 to [email protected].


If your Virtual Airline requires or requests that Sky Blue Radio produce your on-air audio ad promo, your VA must submit text copy of the advertisement to Sky Blue Radio to [email protected] no later than February 15th, 2014.


To be considered for Sky Blue Radios Virtual Airline of the Year:


■Virtual Airlines must submit at least a one page summary of what makes your organization unique and how your organization stands out from the rest in the flight simulation community.

■VA’s do not have to be affiliated with any online network.

■Each summary will be evaluated by our panel of judges with a winner selected from the submissions. Submissions must be made no later than February 18th, 2014 to [email protected].

This opportunity is open to all Virtual Airlines; however space is limited so please get the word out to your Virtual Airline Managers as soon as possible! For more details and contest rules, click here or on the VA Days banner at http://www.skyblueradio.com .


Please submit your entries to [email protected].



Davor Kusec

Air Traffic Director | Northeast Region VATUSA

Supervisor | VATSIM


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Ah, an essay writing contest. Reminds me of high school.





... I spawn hundreds of children a day. They are daemons because they are easier to kill. The first four remain stubbornly alive despite my (and their) best efforts.

... Normal in my household makes you a member of a visible minority.

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