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I'm using Intercity ACARS, version 2 is now in beta testing and includes a flight resume feature if FS crashes. The server upgraded to PHP5 without prior warning, but fortunately it only broke the live flight tracking map which was quickly fixed. I think Flybe use their own ACARS too, written in vbscript.


I think the only economical alternative to phpVMS is VAFS; even phpVMS requires some money and time thrown at it to get it looking nice and working well. Anything else you are looking at big money or developing a solution in-house.


As Davor said, custom really is the way to go if you have the resources, there's a million and one VAs out there using phpVMS and if you want to attract pilots in a crowded market place, you need to stand out and offer them reasons to join that others don't.


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to be clear, I understand everyone can't manage a full custom ACARS system because a lack of the skilled person to do that...it's definitely the way to go if you can manage. I'd recommend SmartCARS (which requires phpVMS or a very good web coder to make it work without phpVMS) or VAFS.


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