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XSB-sound plugin crashing XPlane at random?

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Hi. I'm using XPlane 9.00r3 for several years now, plus XSB 1.0.6 when flying under Vatsim. XSB 1.2 won't work, no matter what, not under XP 9.00 nor under 9.7. So far so good, it's been doing jobs great during all the time. (Not talking about the weather screw-up's from XSB itself).

In december I installed the XSB-sound plugin. That also works great.

The thing is, roughly since then, I'm getting XPlane crashes at random.

The sim must be in external view and on the ground for it to happen. In normal cockpit view mode it hasn't happened and sofar, once airborne I can safely switch to external view.

So the link I'm laying is: it appears to be XSB-sound when connected to Vatsim and when in external view mode on the ground. Sometimes I can switch to external mode OK, also on the ground but when XPlane crashes it will be under these circomestances.

Crash-log doesn't tell me much, log.txt only says "this application has crashed".


Anyone with the same problem perhaps?

FWIW: I will disable the plugin for the time being and check whether it still happens or not

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It looks like the x737 plugin and the XSB/XSB-sound plugins clashed. Furthermore, I placed a non-wav file as replacement in the XSB-sound resources. After disabling x737 and putting a decent wav file back, it looks like the crashes are over.

Thanks to Larry for sorting things out as well. It also looks like I can use XSB-sound now for my next CTP

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