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Should I uprade to xplane 10

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Thanks, i'd already tried but just wanted to make sure if a rtweaks would have been possible. But still i love the flight planner in FSX because when you go to map view tou and see where you takeoff and the destination and can lick on all the way points between.


I don't see that X-plane can do this ?I use the map view in FSX to tune my comms and nav to pr gram my whole route ?

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I did forget to ask the most pressing question I have, I have x-9 what would be the main advantages of upgrading to X-10 ?


I'm in the same boat but I believe in general it deals with improvements of graphics and memory. X-Plane 10 is 64-bit where X-Plane 9 is not. This allows, in theory, for a smoother utilization of the software on a modern computer with more than 4GB of memory. I personally haven't updated yet, but I'm headed in that direction.


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